From October 2022, the work of the NABCOP has been expanded on by two new national audits of primary breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer in women and men of all ages.

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NABCOP 2022 Annual Report supplementary materials

The following materials supplementary to the NABCOP 2022 Annual Report are available to download.


NABCOP Annual Report 2022 NHS Organisation Data Viewer

View the individual NHS organisation results for the 2022 report findings. This excel spreadsheet contains tabs with information relating to chapters 3, 4 and 6 of the report, including a summary tab with graphs showing comparison of a selected NHS organisation with all NABCOP NHS organisations. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the annual report and each tab references the section within the report that it relates to.

Click on the image below to download the 2022 NHS Organisation Data Viewer (last updated 15/9/2022):


NABCOP Local Action Plan 2022

Want to create a local action plan for your hospital to drive quality improvement? This template helps organisations set out clear aims to implement the recommendations from the NABCOP 2022 Annual Report.

Click on the image below to download the local action plan template:

A Microsoft Word version is available upon request, please email for a copy.


Fitness assessment for older patients in breast clinic

The NABCOP recommends that patients aged 70 and over who are attending breast clinic for the first time have their fitness assessed to help guide the best course of treatment. We have developed a form which records three different aspects of patient health: The Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS), The Abbreviated Mental Test Score (AMTS), and three screening clinical questions on whether a patient has any major diseases e.g. dementia, cardio-respiratory disease, cancer.

Click on the image below for full details and to download the fitness assessment form:


The NABCOP guide to the breast cancer pathway for older women

We have worked with our patient and charity representatives to develop a two-sided guide, designed to encourage conversations between patients and their breast care team.
The guide is particularly relevant to women aged 70+ diagnosed with breast cancer, with question prompts for patients to discuss key elements of their care and treatment.

Click on the image below for full details and to download the guide:

NABCOP guide to breast cancer pathway for older women 1NABCOP guide to breast cancer pathway for older women 2


NABCOP Annual Report Methodology 2022

Interested in the data and methods behind the analysis presented in the NABCOP Annual Report?

Click on the image below to download details of the report methodology:


Improving data completeness

We have several resources to help with NHS organisations data completeness which can be found on the following pages:

    • Improving data completeness – Information on how NHS organisations in both England and Wales can improve their data.
    • NABCOP CancerStats Area – Information on the NABCOP area of the CancerStats reporting portal [the repository for all feedback on those national datasets for England which are managed or supported by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS)].
    • Data case studies – Examples of different approaches used by NHS trusts in England to ensure their Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) submissions to NCRAS are as complete as possible.