From October 2022, the work of the NABCOP has been expanded on by two new national audits of primary breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer in women and men of all ages.

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NABCOP 2017 Organisational Audit and Case Vignettes Questionnaires

Organisational Audit and Case Vignettes questionnaires were used to collect information during the first year of the National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Patients (NABCOP).

The findings from these were reported on in the NABCOP 2017 Annual Report and the Public and Patients version of this report.

  • The organisational audit examined the structures of breast cancer services in England and Wales.
  • A series of case vignettes were used to explore which patient factors are most important for breast cancer clinicians in determining treatment options for older patients.

Download NABCOP 2017 Organisational Audit Questionnaire

Download NABCOP 2017 Case Vignettes Questionnaire

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